Kims Glass Painting

Your place for gifts and glassware to wow your friends! Each painted custom to order, no two look alike!

we ordered some custom patriotic gnome glasses and they were super cool! got lots of compliments on those. look forward to more orders in 2023.

Ryan Harden
December, 2022

Kim has done two mugs for me. The first one was a present from her and when it broke, I missed it so much, that I commissioned another with a koi on it. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Danr Kretchmar
December 2022

Thank you for looking at my wares! Custom pieces can be ordered off the "Pick a Blank" section and the "In Stock" will be shifting fairly often, so keep checking back!

Kim Adkins
The Artist

Why Choose Us?

Kim strives to bring of and usefulness to world. Each of her pieces, unless specified as decorative only or a sticker, is not only beautiful and charming, but meant to be used! 

Make mixed drinks to pour into floral goblets, hold up to the light and watch as the colors play off each other. Get a set of glass mugs, host a party, and serve cakes featuring a personal garden gnome on each! 

Have an interest into historical texts and art? Kim has a line of glassware based off documentable pieces featuring custom Coat of Arms, Roman Circus Cups, and another one that shows illuminations! And she's even looking at expanding her line!

Can't find what you like? Reach out for a custom piece! Want more than one or two? Reach out for discounted rates!

About The Artist

Kim Adkins

Owner, Artist

Kim is a self-taught who wanted to find something different to stand out. Off of a random idea and a couple, practice pieces, she came across the world of glass painting and fell in love. The only she found was that many glass painters paint by covering the piece with a massive coat of paint. 

Kim decided to take a page from the history books and paint smaller designs, allowing glass and ceramic to shine through. This allows for various effects and for the designs to play off the contents of the glass in a way that is rarely seen. 

Now, 6 later, Kim has expanded her line and has vastly improved, though she still is working towards hand-blown and kiln-fired pieces.


This website automatically calculates shipping and handling for me. That being said in regards to out of country shipping it often vastly overestimates how much shipping costs. Please, either before or after you place your order, contact me. I will have you select the "Pickup" shipping option, and will handle a cheaper shipping option through PayPal. 


Kim is located out of New Berlin, Wisconsin, and travels to many events within the US that are held by various LARP and re-enactment organizations. Local or pick-up is available, you need to contact Kim . She reserves all rights to not refund or ship any order that is placed with the pick-up option and is either not picked up within the timeframe, or is desired to be shipped out of town.


New Berlin, Wisconsin